Therapy that calls you home.

Are you ready to retrieve your energy - Your mental, emotional health and reason for being-

from chronic illness, injury, depression or anxiety?

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I'm Mia.

I can help you unburden

and actualize your gifts.

Perhaps your wounds have so far kept you feeling limited and stuck, losing ground to depression, anxiety or chronic illness.

You may feel that you’ve lost rooting in yourself. Perhaps you doubt you could ever rise again from these challenges.

You are not alone. I’m here to help you reclaim your mental and emotional health and remember, reclaim your reason for being.

As your therapist or mentor, we’ll quickly regain ground over limitation and symptom on every level. Each session we’ll get to the root of symptoms through results-based psychotherapy, brain-based neurofeedback and nervous system healing techniques.

My intention is for you to leave the office each session more at peace and connected to yourself and able to experience a greater sense of joy and vitality in your life.


I can help you reclaim what feels lost.

You deserve to experience life beyond suffering through gentle, guided processes that help you feel seen, heard and moving forward.

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Do you know who you must become to reclaim your ground

over chronic illness, anxiety or depression?

Are you ready to barter some of your old stories . . .

in exchange for the wild unknown . . . the retrieval of you

nourished, revitalized and ready to serve?

We deep thinkers, healers, nature-lovers, visionaries and care-givers have been called. This initiation will not be easy — and there is a choice. We can remain bound by the suffering in this world, or we can consciously choose to bless our eyes and ears awake & rise up to our own greatness— resurrecting the light in this world.

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Receive the space to be radically heard, witnessed and guided back into connection beyond symptom.

energy Healing

Psychic Reading

Receive a transmission to clear old patterning and learn what your body + heart desires to feel spacious, whole, nourished and loved.


Soul Detective Coaching

LENS Neurofeedback and Low Level Light Therapy are powerful tools for gently recalibrating your brain and nervous system for greater symptom relief and resiliency.

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