A New Paradigm is here.

𝕊oul 𝔾uidance to 𝔸ctualize 𝕐our ℝeal 𝕄agic.


Are You Listening?

𝖧ave you heard 𝕥he 𝕔all?

Do you feel the potency of this time? Perhaps you sense what is being destroyed as it reverberates in your own tissue.

Perhaps you’ve been called through your own suffering to this 𝕋hreshold. You believe in healing - and yet, you can’t quite perceive the invisible roots of this suffering. You know deeper liberation and connection must just be on the other side.

Your symptoms are speaking loudly — just like the roar of the wildfires and the breaking of ice, the pleas of the long oppressed. The inner is the outer. Do you know what you have to do? Who you must become? Are you ready to 𝕝isten?

Are you ready to barter some of your old stories . . . in exchange for the wild unknown . . . the retrieval of you — nourished, revitalized and ready to serve?


Self introduction.png

I'm Mia Svoboda.

𝓘 heal 𝕄yself. 𝓘 heal the 𝕎orld.

  • I am a spiritual mentor + psychic healer for those who wish to be freed up to serve.

  • I am a guiding force for women desiring to fully embody, nourish and re-wild their feminine power.

  • I am an initiated guide specializing in chronic illness, pain, anxiety and depression here to help you fully actualize your medicine.

It is time to rise up from deeper roots.

We healers, nature-lovers, visionaries and care-givers have been called. This initiation will not be easy — and there is a choice. We can remain bound by the suffering in this world, or we can consciously choose to bless our eyes and ears awake & rise up — resurrecting the light in this world.



Therapeutic Mentorship

Compassionate, grounded therapeutic coaching to be radically heard, witnessed and supported for immediate and long-lasting shifts.


Psychic Reading

Receive a transmission from spirit to receive what your body + heart desires to feel spacious, whole, nourished and loved.


Soul Detective Coaching

Root out the mental, emotional and energetic patterns keeping you stuck with intuitive coaching or distance healing.