What are your fees? 

I offer 75 minute therapeutic mentorship sessions with Low Energy Neurofeedback, a brain educational device that offers long-term results (mood, cognition, energy, clarity).

My a la carte rate is $160 per 75 minute session.

  • I offer package rates for discounted and free sessions for therapeutic mentorship and LENS neurofeedback.

You may receive a free 30 minute consult by phone or in person prior to your first appointment.

Do you take insurance? 

Generally, I do not work with insurance companies. The therapies offered are considered "out of network."

However, if you would like to seek reimbusement on your own, I am happy to provide a super bill with all the necessary information for counseling and/or biofeedback. 

For insurance to be used, the treatment must be "medically necessary" - this means you need to be diagnosed with a mental health condition and continue to prove its impact upon your life. 

Many of our challenges -- such as coping with the grief of illness or stress-induced sleep issues, are not mental health disorders. Many of us seek support before things get too out of hand, which is a best practice in preventative care. For a good run-down of some of the reasons psychotherapy is constrained by insurance, feel free to read the following article: 


Why Therapy?

Rarely do we see ourselves and our patterns clearly. Unconsciously, we may be stuck in survival-mode conditioning, or identified with the wounding of the past. 

As a practitioner, my job is to help you identify and re-imagine the blocks that keep you stuck, teach you how to tune into yourself and guide you through protocols of retrieving and reclaiming your energy from old wounds, survival state conditioning and belief systems. 

No matter how much you’ve been through, with the right support, you have an equal or greater capacity for reclaiming the stuck energy of those blocks as your greatest gifts. 

How will Therapy even help?

The greatest block to moving forward for most of us - is lack of connection.

Therapy offers the clarity of connection - connecting to yourself, to safe relationship and to your own innate wisdom so you can more easily chart your path out of suffering.

Together, we can work to lighten your burden utilizing mind-body tools and compassionate psychotherapy.

As your therapist, I help you re-write your story, examine and shift the beliefs, habits and patterns adding to your misery. You will begin to clear the fog keeping you from seeing your beauty, power and potential. You will begin to make peace with yourself and transform the conditions of your suffering. 

Also...if you've lost the feeling of meaningful connection somewhere along the way -- with yourself, your family or life path -- I can help. With compassionate guidance, you can learn how to relax into your authentic expression in a healthy way. Connection is essential to our vitality - and our creative, expansive flowering. 

I have a chronic illness. I'm doing so many things medically, how can you help me?

Many sufferers of chronic illness feel they suffer alone, are unsupported or invisible. Does that sound like you?  

I find that illness is one of the most intensive experiences a human can endure. And yet, many sufferers endure unimaginable hardship all while enduring rejection, abandonment and bewilderment from family, friends, even doctors. 

For Chronic Illness sufferers, my office is a safe haven. A place you can let go of the mask, break free from fighting and just be. I've been there and I'll meet you where you are.

Together, we will lay the groundwork for symptom relief, establishing trust in your body, regaining inner safety and reclaiming your worth, belonging and power one step at a time.

I’ve been working with people like you for the last five years. Even if I haven’t experience your specific challenge, you can rest easier with a guide who has navigated the pitfalls and miracles of healing for over a decade. You are not alone. It's possible to set a foundation of more ease now and reap the benefits for the rest of your life. 

What is LENS Neuro-feedback?

Low Energy Neurofeedback, or the LENS is a gentle results-oriented tool that my clients love for actualizing better energy, sleep, mood, pain relief and so much more. The LENS is a form of gentle, passive brain disentrainment. It uses EEG electrodes and records brainwave activity utilizing very small frequencies that the brain responds to in powerful ways. This form of neurofeedback redirects the neural inefficiencies that make us feel tired, moody and slow. Kind of like de-fragging a supercomputer! 

The LENS is backed by decades of research. Reach out if you'd like a copy of the research about your condition. I've been an advanced LENS practitioner for over four years and I have a website dedicated to it: http://lenstherapydenver.com/

It also happens to be a powerful tool for alleviating chronic neck or back pain, digestive issues, tics and more. My chronic illness clients love it for symptom relief. All touch in relation to the LENS will be thoroughly discussed for client ease. You’ll love the LENS for helping you feel more energized, peaceful and freed to think, feel and take action in new ways. 

What makes you different than working with another kind of  practitioner?

I joke that there is a therapist or healer for every other person in Boulder and Denver.

I am one of very few who specialize in supporting those struggling with the unique challenges of chronic conditions like Lyme Disease, CFS/ME, Fibromyalgia, IBS, autoimmune and other challenges that impact mood, energy, sleep and cognition.

To be absolutely clear, I am a registered psychotherapist. This means I am seen by the state as a someone who does not diagnose, offer clinical or therapeutic intervention for diagnosed medical or mental health conditions. For that, you want to see a practitioner licensed for diagnosis and treatment like a psychologist or psychiatrist.

I’ve been in private practice for four years as a registered therapist, certified LENS biofeedback practitioner, subtle energy practitioner and mind/body health coach under monthly supervision. I receive supervision for general psychotherapy and addiction counseling.

What are you like? 

My clients tell me I am warm, intuitive, very accepting (I am in constant inner process to be a better ally to marginalized communities) and I am resourceful. They express getting a great deal out of each session.

Loved ones and friends tell me I am light-hearted, energetic and insightful while colleagues share that I am articulate and a grounded teacher. 

My favorite things to do include spending time in nature, and anything involving water: cold plunging, hot springs and swimming in Colorado's epic mountain waterways. My passion is learning and implementing ancient and modern healing technologies. I am blessed by a loving and supportive community...some of whom even cold plunge with me!  

Why do you do this for a living? 

This isn't an easy job. I hear heart-breaking stories of suffering and loss. I offer guidance when all outcomes are ultimately unknown.  And yet, this work is a privilege and my calling. There is nothing I would rather be doing.

Illness, loss and emotional wounding teaches us what is most important in life.  I find it so rewarding to watch my clients' lives transform for the better. It is especially a joy to teach clients how to reconnect with themselves, with their inner guidance and watch them reclaim their energy and peace from the past. 

How soon can I expect to feel better? 

The world is full of quick-fixes, at some point it is time to tune in to what is going on on a deeper, root level...

The answer you don't want to hear is: it depends. How long have you been suffering? My hope is that within a few sessions you will notice some profound, yet subtle shifts in long-term symptoms. This is just the beginning. The real work requires taking the long-view.

When we approach our pain and our patterns (i.e negative self worth, shame, grief) we may feel fear, or initially worse. Therefore, much of our work is attuning the nervous system, restoring embodiment and learning mindfulness so that you can move through life’s ups and downs with more ease. If you are concerned, you may choose more intensive support for the first four months - with an average of 3-4 sessions / month. Thereafter, 2 sessions a month is recommended.

Getting Started

It isn't easy to take care of ourselves -- we aren't taught how to do it. I can help you feel filled up from the inside. 

If there is one piece of advice I have for you it is this: be gentle with your own heart. Seek support. If you haven't found it yet, stay open to opportunities. You may be the healer you've been looking for. 

Fill out the form below to book an initial session or ask any questions you may have. 

 May you be guided from suffering, back to soul wisdom. 

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