Ready to shift from pain to possibility?

Perhaps you could benefit by being seen, loved and supported for who you really are? Or maybe you feel the call to get unstuck in the back waters of chronic pain, illness or depression and find flow and ease in life again?

I work in partnership with clients to resolve the patterns that keep us stuck in suffering. We’ll address every level with biofeedback, neurofeedback and therapeutic coaching to get back to the beauty of life again.

Therapeutic Guidance to:

  • be deeply heard, seen with reverence and spaciousness.

  • receive an authentic reflection of who you are, and reclaim possibility.

  • identify and lovingly release root 'issues’ without getting stuck in processing.

  • Really love your body back into vitality and health again. Learn trust.

  • experience lasting relief from PTSD and painful symptoms with body-based LENS neurofeedback.

  • move from depression, grief or anxiety back into sacred connection each session.

  • feel good being held in the web of connection to life again - and re-story old abandonment and loss.

  • take up space, find your voice and reignite trust and intimacy in your relationships.

  • experience the end results of healing in the beginning - no more waiting to find the relief within.

The work we will do together will link you back to your authentic self, while your nervous system resets and opens to create a new foundation to experience the beauty of life again.

Holistic guidance that Addresses Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul.

In my practice, I offer a number of tools bridging the hard sciences and the intuitive arts. The basis of our work together is compassionate talk therapy so that you can begin to receive a clearer reflection of who you actually are.



The LENS, or Low Energy Neurofeedback, offers an efficient way to alleviate symptoms of poor brain and nervous system regulation. It has wonderful results with resetting the whole body after trauma and PTSD. I utilize this form of Neurofeedback in my practice so clients start experiencing symptom relief and greater wellbeing and increased quality of cognitive and emotional functioning right away. This form of Neurofeedback is passive (meaning you don’t have to do anything!) and extremely gentle. It is classified as a relaxation device and takes very few sessions to notice a shift. Typically, LENS will be used in the last 15 minutes of a session if it is a right fit.


There is no greater tool than present-moment awareness. Our sessions are an opportunity for deep-level restructuring of the nervous system. I’ll support you in utilizing tools for regaining your power over difficult emotions and memories without extensive processing. We will call upon the intelligence of the body to gently guide you back home to relief now.

embodiment + BOUNDARY WORK

Often, when we experience traumatic experiences, we forget where we end and where the world begins. I track you and help you learn how to stay connected and take up space. You’ll learn how to reclaim your boundaries, voice and expression while learning what it is to really claim who you are in relationship. This is an opportunity to edit the past and overcome social fears by increasing your capacity to be yourself.


Every emotion and memory we experience is stored in a specific place in the body. Seamlessly, I might have you tap or holding meridian or kinesiology points to help move and release the energy of subconscious patterns at various points on the face or hands. I’ll guide you to the root issues so that you can regain power over the old stories, and re-write your narrative of living from vitality, hope and connection again.

➠ my background

  • Registered Psychotherapist in Colorado, NLC.0105270 since 2014.

  • Member, Colorado Association of Psychotherapists.

  • Advanced LENS EEG Neurofeedback Technician, Ochslabs.

  • Certified Mind Body Health and Eating Coach, Institute for the Psychology of Eating, 250 hours.

  • Certified Addictions Counselor I, ongoing seeking CAC II, 1500 hours, Denver CO.

  • Reiki Energy Practitioner and Access Bars Kinesiology Practitioner.

  • ACEP Levels I & II Energy Healing for Chronic Illness.

  • Chronic Lyme and CFS/ME Disease Health Coach, Health Writer.

  • Honors BA degree, Cultural Anthropology at Scripps College in Claremont, CA.

If you are suffering, don’t go it alone. Reach out for support.

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