You are not your illness.

I can help you reclaim what feels lost.  

I've lived the spiral down the rabbit hole many times. Nothing has been a greater teacher than living with, and eventually healing from 10+ years of Chronic Late Stage Lyme Disease and other life-threatening illness. 

I wish someone had taken my hand and told me this years ago: There are no miracle cures. There are rarely "overnight" sensational shifts. The bitter soul medicine of illness requires finding and sticking to self-nurturing practices each. and every. day.

Healing is a devotional practice.  Healing, in the deepest sense, should not only imply a dramatic, overnight shift in physical vitality but the retrieval of YOU - the spirit and limitless essence of who you are. This requires a willingness to get to know your authentic self. The you beyond sickness.

Wherever you are on the path, It's likely I can relate. 

The majority of my clients have been walking the path of illness. I've been told countless times by clients I'm the first person who "gets" it - on every level. I’ve been through it, so you are not alone.

What would it feel like to receive support without having to ‘fake’ that you are okay? How would it feel to receive the space to process in a way that eases the burden you carry?

Over the years, I've noticed the big patterns everyone else misses and created psychotherapeutic "hacks" to deeper healing. The wisdom I share is grounded, the techniques effective, and you can shift your experience if you are committed to the deepest level of healing: befriend your body and befriend yourself.

It is the gift of my life to help others make the journey back to wellness.

You can expect to... 

  • Receive the space to honestly express the impact of illness on your life.

  • Be loved for it, in spite of it, beyond it.

  • Be freed to cry, to laugh, to be angry, to forgive yourself

  • Find ease, symptom relief every session...that sticks.

  • Get guidance from spirit, reclaim meaning.

  • Stop your energy from being drained or blocking healing.

  • Build up your energy, heal energetically to feel better faster.


You are so powerful. So powerful, in fact that you are surviving this moment. Working together, we can shift your story of suffering into the greatest catalyst for re-igniting purpose, connection and vitality. 

Over time, illness and limitation can become our identity. Unacknowledged suffering further disconnect the spirit from the body. I’m here to help you remember who you are beyond this suffering and how to reconnect to yourself with ease. Together, we can rebuild the bridge to what feels lost — truly, connection heals.

Reach out. 

With all my heart, wishing you more freedom from this suffering. 

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